Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Lets take it back ... this post pays homage to the BEST FUCKIN YEAR OF HIP HOP:  1996.  And I'm so serious about this ... you can make a case for 1990, 93', 94' or even 2004 .  But 1996 was just bananas.  Too many classic albums and tracks hail from  96', too many revolutionary artist in rap music put out their best work EVER.  Jay-Z put out Reasonable Doubt (my all time favorite hova album), Fugees secured themselves as the #1 hip hop group with The Score, Outkast came out of the south and blew our mines away, while Tu Pac still held it down with All Eyez On Me.  Not to mention other essential albums by Ghostface Killah,: Ironman Redman: Muddy Waters and Mobb Deep: Hell On Earth.  Anyway here's a little taste of 1996 ... all DOPE ass songs ... 
Jay - Z - Dead Presidents
Ghostface Killaj - Daytona 500
Fugess - Killing Me Softly
2 pac - California Love
Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha
Nas - If I Ruled The World

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