Friday, July 31, 2009

Something you need to hear

I posted the video a while back , but this cd might be the only album that matters this year. "Distant Relatives" will be real classic.   This is a live version of "Africa Must Wake Up", it sounds so epic. Sorry I don't have a dload.

previous video (click)

Monday, July 27, 2009

What are you're obsessions?

These videos are not new at all, but fuck it haha I respect both of these guy's dedication to their "obsession." Call them crazy, but this is what collecting is all about ...

I have my fair share of pony polos, but 88-Keys is a true LO head

yet another sneaker head ... but every pair has its own story

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Supporting Local Business


Getcha Some - Big Sean

kanye west protege ... BATHING APE much???

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How I Got Over - The Roots

The Roots put out their first single from their upcoming album, and its dope (what did you expect from the best hip hop band ever?)

How I got over - The Roots (click and download)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't Die - Bun B ft Talib Kweli and Colin Munroe

I love Bun B because he's not afraid to work with different type of artist, this song is milkyway approved
(ono i miss those shoes)

Don't Die - Bun B (click this)

LRG Skate: Monkeys and Marbles

another skate video haha ... this time the LRG Skate team crew travls to Thailand and China for some sick footage.  Its cool to see the guys take in some culture and embrace the people.

LRG VISUALLY HEARD / Monkeys and Marble from LRG on Vimeo.

Monday, July 20, 2009

P.Rod X Ice Cube "It was a good day"

back on the blog grind from a long but super fun weekend in atlantic city , anyway I live in NYC but I love cali and this video is so LA

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pac Div X Slaughterhouse videos

Hottest hip hop groups out right now ... only real rap on the milkyway
Pac Div - Mayor

Slaughterhouse - The One

P.Rod plays a game of 'skate or dice'

I thought this was pretty cool

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Alchemist feat Maxwell, Twista - Smile (video)

Lets get back to some new shit, Alchemist Chemical Warfare album dropped this week and you know its good hip hop.  This song is dope check it out then check out the cd ... 

This song on the album too ...



Lets take it back ... this post pays homage to the BEST FUCKIN YEAR OF HIP HOP:  1996.  And I'm so serious about this ... you can make a case for 1990, 93', 94' or even 2004 .  But 1996 was just bananas.  Too many classic albums and tracks hail from  96', too many revolutionary artist in rap music put out their best work EVER.  Jay-Z put out Reasonable Doubt (my all time favorite hova album), Fugees secured themselves as the #1 hip hop group with The Score, Outkast came out of the south and blew our mines away, while Tu Pac still held it down with All Eyez On Me.  Not to mention other essential albums by Ghostface Killah,: Ironman Redman: Muddy Waters and Mobb Deep: Hell On Earth.  Anyway here's a little taste of 1996 ... all DOPE ass songs ... 
Jay - Z - Dead Presidents
Ghostface Killaj - Daytona 500
Fugess - Killing Me Softly
2 pac - California Love
Busta Rhymes - Woo Ha
Nas - If I Ruled The World

Friday, July 3, 2009

Artest on the LAKE SHOW

I do big up the lakers a lot on my blog, so i guess im obligated to talk about this ... was to first to report that the 6'7'' forward from Queens was to join kobe and the squad. At first I didn't know how to feel about this situation, but I have come to like the idea of this dude joining the LAKE SHOW. Let me put it this way, we lost Ariza so we need a solid 3 ( i love luke but i do not trust him in the starting position), and the team does get a gangster upgrade by bringing in ronron. I don't really know what the relationship between Artest and Bryant is but if everything goes smooth this could work out really well, put it this way ... Kobe is to MJ as Artest is to Rodman ( two guys who get pretty creative with their doos)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SuperNova (video) - Mr Hudson ft Kanye West , Whatever You Want - Consequence

G.O.O.D music definitely gets a lot of time on the Milky Way,  im really feeling these two tracks

and im still a huge consequence fan, please check the track 

What Ever You Want - Consequence ft Kanye West and John Legend  (download)