Tuesday, December 23, 2008

808s & Winterbreak

sunset on the beach (taken with the iphone) ...

So ... I havnt posted anything in relatively a long time.  But thats because im chillin at home in Hawaii nei.  Yup!!!  I ditched the nyc, the 30 degree weather, the snow storms and the cold, for a steady 76 degree sunny christmas.  So right now ima do a Hawaii post on you guys, I ain't rubbing it in your faces, but I am giving you a taste of paradise ... 

This is a BAYVI surf video Joel showed me a while back, thought it was a good time to post it 


  1. great blog pinsan....even though you're making jealous with that hawaii weather.

    don't forget my ukulele!!! =)

  2. yo,

    nyc misses you.